Well, Day 8 has been a very busy blogging day.  I think I keep saying it but there is so much to learn that it is difficult to focus on writing posts.  Yesterday my big discovery was the Google Webmaster Tools  and so today’s first task was to download the WordPress Plugin Google XML Sitemaps by Arne Brachhold.  The plugin is really simple to use and automatically notifies Google, Ask.com and MSN each time the sitemap is updated.  I also registered on Yahoo Developer Network to get an API Key to enter into the plugin and now Yahoo is also notified automatically.

It took nine hours from when I submitted the new sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools to when it showed that Google had downloaded it.   However, Google have still not crawled my site.  I wonder how long it will take.

I’m so excited – I was really frustrated that the default address for my blog was http://kdays.com where I really wanted http://www.kdays.com.  I had played around with the settings a little but hadn’t been able to fix it.  Then I was reading JohnChow.com and found out what I needed to do.  The first was to set a preferred domain in the Google Webmaster Tools (they really are becoming so useful already!).  This means that Google will always list the www version in their search results.  The second task is to set up a redirect so that all visitors to http://kdays.com are automatically redirected to http://www.kdays.com.  So, over time, the non-www version should all but disappear.

Today’s post, the Top 10 Running Quotes, provided a great opportunity to include links to Amazon books using my new Amazon Associates ID Key.

And finally, today I have started visiting other blogs specifically to keep my finger on the blogging pulse and to also start my trail of comments throughout the blogosphere.

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