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Sarah Austin presents Warning: Practicing Yoga Will Improve Your Running posted at A Fool of Myself.

Julio Melara presents Running to the finish line posted at Julio’s World.

Landy Cook presents “I am not a runner!” posted at Rise Up Runners.

Sean Lloyd presents Running with a Jogging Stroller posted at A Runner’s Blog.

Karthikeyan….KK presents The Day After the Marathon ! posted at Chennai Runners.

Vanilla presents If I Did Run a Race as a Bandit Runner… posted at Half-Fast.

Bryan presents Mental Toughness posted at Optimal Training.

Tony Overbay presents If this doesn’t work, forget it – One man’s attempt to lose the “love handles.” posted at The Virtual Couch – A Blog by Tony Overbay.

That concludes this edition. Thank you to everyone contributing to this edition of kdays.com Running Blog Carnival. Previous Issues and the Submission Form can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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