I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and finally took the first step towards it. We have a three bedroom house on a reasonable size block. We bought it with the intention of renovating and moving on as quickly as possible. However, life got in the way and we’ve been here over five years now! So, now is the time for a rethink. We know we want to move on but should we renovate and sell, demolish and sub-divide or just sell as is?

One of the concerns with renovating – would we be able to recoup the cost of new kitchen, bathroom, etc and still make a profit?

The same concerns are there with regards to sub-dividing and building – in fact the risks are bigger.

So, lots of homework required all round! I’ve resurrected this blog to keep a record of our progress, share what works and any gotchas as well as links to helpful sites, contact numbers, etc.

So, back to the first step taken today. I had a chat with the Development section of the City of Onkaparinga council today. The lady I spoke to said our block was a good candidate for sub-dividing and that we are zoned as Residential (Medium Density). Each of the sub-divisions must be a minimum of 300 square metres and have a minimum street frontage of 9 metres. She also referred me to a 760 page Development Plan – I think I’ll save reading that for another day :)

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