After much lurking around everyone else’s blogs, I’ve decided to give this blogging thing a go myself. Why? As a personal challenge. As a guide for other new bloggers. As an experiment. Yes, people blog for many reasons and up until recently I never quite understood why people would want to publish such personal information about themselves on the Internet for all the world to see. But there just might be something to it …

As a personal challenge

Blogging takes discipline, time and effort. It’s not just a quick, once-off copy and paste exercise. Quality, original content is the key to a successful blog. Quality, original content on a topic or topics that are relevant and interesting. Quality, original content on a topic or topics that are relevant and interesting to a large number of people.

Do I have what it takes to make this blog a success?

As a guide for other new bloggers

I’d resisted the whole blogging phenomenon for some time. I couldn’t understand why people were blogging and it always seemed like you had to learn a whole new language just to make a gentle start into blogging? I mean, how many people knew what a ‘slug’ was in relation to blogging when they first started.

Can I provide real help to new bloggers? Something different than all the information already out there?

As an experiment

I’ve heard of successful bloggers earning thousands of dollars a day. Bloggers giving up their day jobs. Bloggers so popular they are in demand for seminars and consultancy. This is obviously something that appeals to me. So, I’m going to be putting it to the test.

Do I have what it takes to make a profit from blogging?

These are the top three reasons why I am starting this blog. It will certainly be interesting to revisit this entry in six months time.

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