Ever since I can remember I have seen myself as a runner. I even identified myself with runners I’d see pounding the pavement and I’d visualise myself being the surprise entrance that would win all the races. But, you know what? I couldn’t run for more than 300 metres? Why did I feel like a runner on the inside?

After several years of not doing much (if any) physical exercise and putting on a few more pounds each year I decided that 2007 was the year I to turn myself around. Like others have said, it was like a switch turning on inside me and from that day, 24th May 2007, I put on my old running shoes and headed out the door.

It was easy and it was tough. I was following a beginner runner program from About.com. The good thing about their program was that they would email each day’s activity so I only ever had to think about one day at a time. There was no sneaking a peek at next week’s program and stressing! It was a three week program designed to take a complete beginner from no running to developing a 30 minute running habit. And it works! Some days were tough, sometimes it was tough getting out of bed and out of the house on cold winter mornings, but the program really made the progress I was making seem easy. And progress is great to watch when your just starting out – everyone improves in leaps and bounds when first starting out. Every day it seems you can do such much more.

I decided that 2007 was also the year that I would enter the local fun run in September. It is a 12km fun run and I had entered it as a walker twice before but I had never attempted to run it. In my head I had. In reality – no. In 2006, a couple of weeks before the fun run I decided I would be running it that year. I fronted up to a free training session held at the local track and only just made it through the warm up laps! And there went my goal for another year! So this time I had to make sure I trained properly and started in plenty of time.